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SECA contacts

349 E. Vine Street. • Stockton, 95202
(209) 933-7370 • Fax (209) 939-9504

Joshaua Thom, Principal
Andres Uyeda, Counselor
Yolanda Mariscal, Secretary

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Teaching Staff

Benjamin Able, Math

Andrea Bear, Social Studies

Maria Beggs, English

Tiffany Chaddock, Science

Alex Cordova, Social Studies

Ansel Eayrs, Science

Tom Hoang, Physical Education

Shannon Kelly, English

Russell Lewis, Social Studies

Laura Powell, English 

Roselyn Wang, Math 

Rachel West, English & Leadership


Nothing says you care like 20 gallons of water!

Bucket drop.jpg

Culminating a week of hard work by SECA students duirng CST's, Mr. Thom cools down with the Physics club during Field Day! 

SECA Invades the Exploratorium!


On April 18th at 8:15 a.m.,  311 SECA students boarded buses. The destination? San Francisco's Exploratorium. Science and math were the themes of the day, and Seniors Zairah Ungab and Lisa Li (above) participated in one of the many activities the day had to offer. Just a few of the topics students learned about were light refraction, probability, gravity calculations, and water evaporation. 

SECA Among the Top 2.5% in the Nation!


Stockton Public Schools Foundation- Scholarship Awards

SPSF Awards SP15.jpg
Scholarship Winners:

Sonia Gonzalez, Nayely Esparza-Flores, and Linda Chen

Timberwolves haul in awards!

AcaDec 1-31-15.jpg
Congratulations to the Academic Decathlon team, Ms. Kelly, and Mrs Bear for a job well done!  

  • Super Quiz: Division I- 3rd Place
  • Class Level- 3rd Place
  • Top Overall Team Division I- 3rd Place
  • Super Quiz: Division II- 1st Place
  • Top Overall Team Division II- 1st Place

Here are our top individual performers:

Art (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic- 2nd Place
Art (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic- 3rd Place
Art (DI) Angelica Chavez Varsity- 2nd Place
Art (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity- 2nd Place
Art (DII) Casey Kwok Varsity: 1st place
Art (DII) Marcel Rodriguez Varsity: 1st Place
Economics (DI) Andrew Yan  Scholastic: 1st place
Economics (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 3rd place
Economics (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity: 1st place
Economics (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st place
Literature (DI) Daniela Caluza Honors: 3rd place
Literature (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 3rd place
Literature (DI) Java Villano Honors: 2nd Place
Math (DI) Java Villano Honors: 3rd place
Math (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 1st place
Math (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 3rd place
Math (DI) Andrew Yan  Scholastic: 3rd place
Math (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st place
Music (DII) Luis Garibay Varsity: 1st Place
Science (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 1st place
Science (DI) Andrew Yan  Scholastic: 2nd Place
Science (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st Place
Social Science (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 1st place
Interview (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st Place
Essay (DI) Daniela Caluza Honors: 1st Place
Essay (DI) Java Villano Honors: 2nd Place
Essay (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 1st Place
Speech (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 2nd Place
Speech (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity: 3rd Place
Top Overall Students (DI) Emerald Frank Scholastic: 1st Place
Top Overall Students (DI) Kansas Seung Scholastic: 3rd Place
Top Overall Students (DI) Alexandria Gilligan Varsity: 3rd Place
Top Overall Students (DII) Robert Torrefranca Varsity: 1st Place






Running with the Pack!

Running Club.jpg

On December 7th, 2014, SECA’s Running Club put their months of training and dedication to the test at the 32nd annual California International Marathon.  The course, from Folsom to Sacramento, was more challenging and considerably longer than the measly 5K that Coach Hoang requires his students to run every year.  Nonetheless, twenty-five SECA Timberwolves challenged their body’s capabilities and mindset in the grueling and empowering 26.2 mile course. 

Beginning at the peak of dawn, six relay teams of four runners braced the bitter cold of the winter morning.  The course was filled with cheering crowds, live music, and motivational moments that pushed the limits of SECA’s Timberwolves.  Outstandingly, Coach Hoang along with Rain Taganas, Thomas Tuon, Ntawv Vang, and Andrew Yan completed the entire course!  Congratulations to all SECA’s Running Club members who participated and successfully conquered the California International Marathon for its third time in a row!

Team: Members: Course Time:
SECA I Danny Cueva, Mario Salcedo, Victor Vang, Patrick Chanthilack 4:04:51
SECA II Andrew Yan, Brendan Wong, Bea Saptang, Maryann Tran 5:10:52
SECA III Rain Taganas, Juan Dominguez, Ernesto Ramirez, Zoe Salvador 4:32:29
SECA IV Ntawv Vang, Marcel Rodriguez, Kai Samoy, Esmeralda Sanchez 4:37:19
SECA V Neha Patel, Roberto Torrefranca, Kimberly Ancheta, Brittany Buenrostro  5:25:16
SECA VI Alaina Fua, Luis Garibay, Jazmin Garces, Daisy Araiza 5:25:18

2014 MESA Quiz Bowl Champions

The MESA Quiz Bowl team competed on Saturday, November 22, at UOP, and placed 1st.  All 6 students, Sebastian Holguin, James Molamphy, Calvin Ko, Marcel Rodriguez, Java Villano, and Orion Capuyon competed in the written portion, earning a perfect scores. The top 4 teams of each division competed in the stage portion. Sebastian Holguin, James Molamphy, Marcel Rodriguez, Java Villano, represented SECA very well, bringing back the 1st place trophy.

2013 California Invitational Marathon

2013-14 SECA CIM.jpg

On December 8th, 2013 Seventeen SECA Timberwolves braved the cold elements to participate in the 31st annual California International Marathon from Folsom to Sacramento.  This year 4 relay teams of 4 runners completed the 26.2 mile course.  Coach Hoang along with Ricardo Meza, Rosa Martinez, and Mario Salcedo completed the entire course.  Congratulations to all the participants.

  • SECA I: Ricardo Meza, Andrew Yan, Ntawv Vang, Roberto Torrefranca (4:09).
  • SECA II: Mario Salcedo, Kai Samoy, Rain Taganas, Juan Dominguez (4:09).
  • SECA III: Thomas Tuon, Juan Rodan, Brendan Wong, Casey Kwok (4:28).
  • SECA IV: Rosa Martinez, Wendy Aguayo, Alaina Fua, Neha Patel (4:30). 

Congratulations Class of 2013

SECA Class of 2013.jpg

You will forever be known as the 1st class!  We wish you the best of luck as you continue your journey.

SECA Potential Enrollment Packet (PEP) 2015-16

We are currently accepting applications for prospective students. Students interested must complete all items on the Application Checklist, the SECA PEP, include two Recommendations forms, and complete a College Early Start Application. Complete everything on the checklist and return your completed materials to the SECA office.  We are beginning the interview process and still have space available, so hurry and apply today!

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Instructional Calendar

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2014-15 Instructional Calendar

2015-16 Instructional Calendar

SECA Calendar

Today: 5/27/15
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School Site Council Meeting Notices

parent night flyer.jpg

Speech and Debate News

Congratulations to the following Speech and Debaters:

Charles Nye- Tied for 1st in Impromptu @ Beark Creek, made the finals in Original Prose and Poetry @ UOP, and tied for 1st in Inpromptu @ Modesto High.

Evan Marks- Honorable mention and 5th place in Impromptu @ Bear Creek.

Orion Capuyon- Made it to the semi-finals @ UOP in Impromptu.

Lauren Von Behren- Tied for 1st in Original Prose and Poetry @ Modesto High.

Andres Solis- Tied for 2nd in Original Prose and Poetry @ Modesto High.

The teams next competition will be at Kimball High on December 14th.  Good luck Timberwolves!